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If your item is eligible, you'll be given a secret link and password to officially join our mandatory physical assessment waitlist, 'The Reveal' when we resume.

If you're super lucky, we may open spots a little sooner to those who joined our waitlist between 08 Jan 2024 and 22 May 2024, VIPS and repeat clients (at our sole discretion).

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Please note: Sharing photos of your item for initial eligibility check is complimentary. However, 'The Reveal' includes a full physical assessment, research, and full item inspection and is required for quoting, a fee will apply. 'The Reveal' cost is deducted from the cost of any restoration work that proceeds. If no repair/restoration work proceeds after 'The Reveal' assessment has been done, then this cost covers 'The Reveal' physical examination, research, report, & relevant packaging and relevant delivery costs for returning your item. 'The Reveal' cost is non-refundable..