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Giving shoes, bags, clothing and household items new lives


Send us photos of the item you would like to have repaired, restored, or revived for a free no-obligation preliminary quote.

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Once you have accepted the preliminary quote, we will send you the payment details and address details via e-mail. Simply make the payment and send your item(s) to us via any NZ post or courier.


Once your item(s) have been repaired, restored, or revived, we'll send the item(s) back to you via a tracked post/courier service.



Bringing your shoes, bags, or other items back to their former glory.



We can repair your most beloved boots using a variety of creative shapes to give your boots or shoes bit of a creative edge.



We can repair holes in felt slippers and hand stitch new leather or rubber soles on your felt slippers, shoes, or boots.


What do we do?

We repair, restore, and revive

shoes, bags, clothing, toys, small household items, and beloved treasures/heirlooms.

We sell second-hand shoes

that we've repaired, restored, revived. A portion of our shoe sales profit goes towards materials/supplies to repair shoes for donation.

We donate

a portion of our profits and some of our repaired, restored and revived shoes to charities and people on low incomes/those who are in desperate need.

Contemporary aftercare for your most loved items

Happy clients

Jenna managed to do a job I thought would be impossible! My old split Docs had been sitting in my wardrobe for years in the hopes one day I would find a way to repair them, and thats when Jenna popped up. She's not only managed to fix up the massive splits along the toe, but she's jazzed them up with some cute heart patches and taken good care of cleaning them up and recommending me further steps to keep them lasting for years to come. She's been amazing with keeping in touch regarding postage, payment and the repair process, letting me know any updates throughout. The turnaround time for the repair was surprisingly quick and also very affordable, I truly appreciate the effort Jenna has gone to. I've already been raving about her work to everyone! You've saved my shoes from the bin, thank you so much from another fellow zero-waster! I know who to contact for any shoe repairs from now on.

Emily Cathcart

Jenna has brought my palladiums back to life! My well-loved shoes had huge holes in them from years of wear, as well as bleach spots. They really needed to go, but I couldn't bear to throw them out because the soles were still good as new!Jenna was able to patch and recolour them so they look as beautiful as the day I bought them. I love them! I would highly recommend Restituo.

Andrea Firth

Jenna repaired my much loved Doc Martins that were quite beaten up! Her work is of amazing quality and she has a real eye for the detail of a repair - she keeps new stitches in the original holes where possible and she matches thread colour and patches. My repaired Docs are as good as new and I really appreciate her also throwing in some extra fix-ups, her work is really next level. Thank you so much!!

Laura C

Jenna is fabulous! She fixed my old wool slippers my Nanna gave me that I had washed in the washing machine during a period of stupidity. So happy with the result, they’re like new again! And her felted slippers are beautiful. Thanks Jenna - so pleased to have found your page.

Kelly A

Jenna is an absolute dream to work with. She took my daggy old Dr Martens. Stitched them back up. Patched up the sides & sealed the sole (we didn't know this was there until she was doing the work). She went over and above all my expectations and absolutely delivered. I couldn't recommend her work more. She also made sure I was happy with the repairs. Gave me tips and tricks as to how to maintain the quality as well. So happy with every part of this service.

Jaimee L