Restituo was created by Jenna Milesi, a passionate artisan from the picturesque city of Christchurch, New Zealand. A woman who finds joy in the art of restoration and transformation, Jenna's journey is both inspiring and captivating for people who appreciate refined craftsmanship and a little magic in their lives.

From a young age, Jenna was captivated by the magic of mending, a trait she inherited from her father. Together, they spent countless hours in their garage, fixing and creating. As a child, Jenna was fascinated by the world of magic and dreamed of becoming a magician. Little did she know that this passion would eventually manifest itself in the form of restoring damaged and broken items to their original glory, or transforming them into unique and original pieces.

Jenna's teenage dream was to work with luxury brands, a vision that motivated her to pursue higher education and earn several degrees, including a Master's. Her studies took her on a thrilling journey through England, Russia, Lithuania, and Italy, where she was captivated by the incredible craftsmanship and beauty she encountered. These experiences fuelled her passion and expanded her skillset, as she learned valuable lessons from the artisans she met along the way.

Upon her return to New Zealand, Jenna explored various career paths, including government, translation, and consultancy work. But it wasn't until the COVID-19 lockdown that her true calling, Restituo, emerged. During this time, Jenna found solace in repairing items around her home, sharing her talents online and capturing the hearts of many. Soon, Restituo blossomed into a renowned business, earning recognition from RNZ, TV3's The Project, Stuff, and Consumer magazine as one of New Zealand's expert repair and restoration artisans for luxury and sentimental handbags, shoes, and other leather goods.

Join Jenna on her journey as she continues to weave magic into the world of restoration, one unique and beautiful piece at a time.