Custom Restoration Plan (Step-by-Step Instructions, Recommended Material List, and Estimated Cost List) (Retainer)

Custom Restoration Plan (Step-by-Step Instructions, Recommended Material List, and Estimated Cost List) (Retainer)

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Do you need a personalised plan based on your specific needs for your DIY item including step-by-step instructions, recommended materials, and estimated costs to fix your leather couch or other beloved item?

Price includes:

  • Retainer for Personalised DIY restoration plan (PDF) 1 leather item designed by restoration artisan Jenna Milesi (as featured on RNZ, TV3, Consumer Magazine, and Stuff).
  • Plan includes step-by-step instructions, recommended materials list, and estimated costs list.
  • Some exclusive materials available for purchase through Restituo and must be purchased separately.
  • This is the cost of the retainer only. The total cost of this service involves this initial retainer fee with potential additional charges if scope exceeds normal time allocation. This will be advised to you as soon as it is known by us.

Additional important notes:

  • Service eligibility determined through a detailed questionnaire process
  • Strict prohibition on sharing or distributing the custom plan PDF
  • Project eligibility criteria include specific materials like leather, canvas, PU, cotton, and natural fibers (excludes: suede leather (unless black), glass, pottery or ceramics, and gold or silver plating, silverware, and whiteware)
  • No refunds payable once the questionnaire has been sent to us.
  • The project questionnaire must be sent to us within 14 days from the date the questionnaire has been emailed to you. Failure to do so results in the forfeiture of the service and no refund payable.

Custom plans are extremely limited. Typically only 1-3 per month available.

Please note:

For projects that may not meet the qualification criteria, kindly submit a query through the contact form with details about your objectives. Certain advice may be restricted due to intellectual property considerations and may not be included in your custom plan PDF or advised in any communication with you.