Frequently Asked Questions

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Location/Drop offs/Postal details/Door to Door Service

Yes. All services Restituo offers are door to door only. Customers are required to organise the shipping of their item to the workshop. The workshop address is only provided to customers who have agreed to proceed with a repair or restoration and are sent those details along with the payment details.

No pick-ups are permitted - this is enforced to keep distractions down to an absolute minimum in order to maximise the time spent working on repairing and restoring customer items. However, some drop-offs may be permitted for Christchurch residents only but this must be agreed in advance and drop-offs must be placed in the drop box outside the workshop.

Repair/Restoration Turnaround Timeframes

Since the media attention Restituo received earlier this year in 2021, it has been difficult to get all repair and restoration jobs out as soon as it would like due to the complexity, volume of work, duration it takes to order and receive special materials in for repair jobs (especially because many repairs use parts/materials have to be sourced overseas if they can't be sourced in New Zealand), and time it takes to work on the item is longer than most places for these reasons plus the fact that a majority of the work Restituo receive is out of the ordinary and requires a lot of concentration, work, love, and care.

Restituo will advise which category your item is likely to fall under when placing your repair/restoration order. Bearing in mind that the category may change if it becomes apparent that the work is more complex than initially thought, and/or materials are taking longer to arrive at the workshop as some materials need to be ordered in from outside NZ and can take between 3-12 weeks approx to arrive depending on their country of origin and the current postal situation.

While Restituo tries to do things as fast as it can, Restituo will not rush the work, as Restituo does not want to compromise the end result, which in most cases people will tell you is worth the wait.

Thank you for your understanding and patience everyone!